I replaced my Lincoln Squarewave with a Thermal Arc 300GTSW. Everything about the 300GTSW is better! The size and weight is the first thing, but the quality of the arc is also much higher. The Lincoln had a lot more arc wander and the arc wasn't nearly as crisp.

IMG_7455.jpg I wish I had some side-by-side pictures - the 300GTSW is 1/4 the size and weight of the Lincoln, but has twice the amperage output! IMG_7454.jpg I also got a Bernard water cooler with the welder.
IMG_7465.jpg I need the extra space for all the *stuff* I seem to be collecting! IMG_7466.jpg Big bottle of argon, little baby fire extinguisher.
IMG_7467.jpg My metal collection also seems to be growing.
IMG_5779.jpg After practicing for several hundred hours and getting a few hours of 'hands-on' training from an expert welder, my welds now look like this.. IMG_5778.jpg
IMG_5780.jpg IMG_5781.jpg

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