So when am I going to actually make something for the *car*??! Sometimes it feels like I just make parts for machinery.. This isn't actually a part for the car, it is just *another* stand. I really wanted a way to move the car around without any wheels or suspension. I also wanted it high enough the I could comfortably work under the car. I also wanted something that would be strong enough to use when the car was more than just a shell. Really I wanted to make a car rotisserie but that seemed like a little too much work.

IMG_5861.jpg I first faced and cut all the pieces on my RF40. IMG_5862.jpg They sure look pretty..
IMG_5864.jpg I did the easy welds first. IMG_5865.jpg
IMG_5866.jpg IMG_5867.jpg The outer tube is made out of 2x2 1/4" wall, the inner tube is 1.5x1.5 1/4" wall. Initially I tried to remove the weld seam from inside the 2x2 tubing but wasn't very successful. I ended up cutting a groove in the inner tube.
IMG_5869.jpg IMG_5870.jpg
IMG_5884.jpg I didn't have a suitable piece for the cross bar, so I made it out of two pieces of 1x1 1/8" wall welded together. IMG_5885.jpg
IMG_5895.jpg Callie-The-Super-Mouse says she can weld too! IMG_5892.jpg No, I'm not trying to cool the plywood - it is a feeble attempt to draw the welding fumes away from me.
IMG_5893.jpg IMG_5894.jpg
IMG_5896.jpg Hey! There's an alien in my part! IMG_5899.jpg Because I designed the roller to work with the suspension installed or not, I had to make spacers for when the suspension was not installed.
IMG_5900.jpg IMG_5901.jpg
IMG_5902.jpg IMG_5903.jpg I ordered some 800lb capacity wheels but they hadn't arrived yet, so I used these casters I had laying around.
IMG_5904.jpg IMG_5905.jpg It even fits!
IMG_5906.jpg IMG_5907.jpg

Hopefully I'll get around to making the rear roller sometime...

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