The Bridgeport that I didn't move into my basement because it was too big, weighed around 2200lbs. The Comet weighs around 3,200lbs. Not to mention it was far too large to go through the doorways. In order to move it, I had to dissasemble it.. Luckily, the dissasembly was pretty straightforward and I was able to use a pallete jack/crane to assist.

IMG_7272.jpg Knee and headstock assembly closer together than usual! IMG_7273.jpg The ways are lined with some kind of plastic - I'm told that as long as they're lubricated, the plastic won't wear out.
IMG_7274.jpg The table looks lonely! IMG_7275.jpg When I removed the table, I thought, incorrectly, that I'd be able to slide the read-head out of the scale. Luckily, it "only" cost $265 for new read head. Uck!
IMG_7593.jpg That's Zeke. Zeke and one other guy helped me move the main casting down into the basement. It was pretty uneventful except when my cheap Chinese chain hoist locked up and it wouldn't go up or down... IMG_7595.jpg My engine hoist is my friend!
IMG_7596.jpg Another 6" or so of space would have been really nice. IMG_7600.jpg A week or so later, I got around to hoisting the mill upright. I was kind of nervous about doing this but it actually went very smoothly.
IMG_7599.jpg IMG_7598.jpg There's my crappy 2-ton hoist, after I rebuilt the clutch. The 2x2 1/4" wall steel tubing is supported by the main beams to my house.
IMG_7597.jpg IMG_7601.jpg Now I just have to put all the pieces together.

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