My 4th Birthday, with Hiku!

March 27th, 2003

IMG_6820.jpg This doesn't look like a Ferarri.. IMG_6819.jpg Nope. No Ferarri.
IMG_6840.jpg Is it time for ice cream? IMG_6826.jpg Maybe the Ferarri is in here?
IMG_6834.jpg Nope. No Ferarri. IMG_6837.jpg Look! This is ice cream!
IMG_6835.jpg Uncle Li-San hasn't had much practice with bicycles. My daddy never knew Barbie dolls were so much fun! IMG_6836.jpg Concentrate!
IMG_6839.jpg Okay. I'm just going to serve myself... IMG_6830.jpg Go Speed Racer!
IMG_6827.jpg Nana couldn't keep up.. IMG_6838.jpg Geez. This ice cream tastes just like cardboard!
IMG_6823.jpg Maybe there's a Ferarri in here.. IMG_6832.jpg Mommy! I'm hungry!!!

Where's the Ferarri??!!

IMG_6821.jpg There's a UFO in the living room! IMG_6833.jpg I guess a trainset isn't so bad.. The red one looks kind of like a Ferarri..
IMG_6828.jpg Mommy! I'm really hungry! IMG_6831.jpg I'll just eat Papa's phone..

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