The Red Sleigh Reatreat, New Hampshire

July, 2002

Papa said we all had to go away and get away from the city. My daddy wanted to go look at some milling machine so, I went with Nana, Papa, my Uncle Li-San and my Auntie Crystyl while mommy, daddy and Hiku went to look at the milling machine. The first day, we all went hiking but the photographer was not with us so I don't have any pictures! The second day my mommy and daddy arrived and some of us went swimming!

CallieReadyToSwim Crystyl&CallieInPool-02 CrystylInPool
I am too cute! Auntie, that water is awfully cold! Auntie Crystyl says I should come in and play with the ball but I don't think so!
DanInPool Dan&LiSanInPool CallieMowingGrass
Just look at how cold it is in there! Yep. Really cold. Okay. Enough swimming! Jeez. There's a lot of grass here. How come I always have to do all the work?
LISan&Dan-Horseshoes Crystyl&Hiku CSThrowingHorseshoe
Papa and Uncle Li-San demonstrate proper horseshoe throwing form. Auntie Crystyl thinks Winston is really cute! My daddy is really bad at horseshoes.
CrystylOnSwing LiMin&Hiku LiMin&Dan
Hiku says, "Where's the food?"
CallieFeedingCrystyl Hiku&Mommy Crystyl&Callie
This is good, really! Hiku says, "Hey! Where's the food?" I can use knives and forks, too!
CrystylLiSanCallie-02 CrystylLiSanCallie

We also went canoeing but the photographer didn't come to that either..

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