My First Birthday - May 14th, 2003

IMG_7114.jpg My daddy says that store bought cakes are criminal! Of course, he's the one that bought it.. IMG_7115.jpg Is it time to open the presents yet?
IMG_7116.jpg I just want to go to sleep.. IMG_7117.jpg I just spent two days in a hospital! I'm sleeeepppyy!!
IMG_7118.jpg Okay. I'm going to sleep now. Stop kicking, Li-San! IMG_7119.jpg Well. Maybe I'll have some cake first..
IMG_7121.jpg Mmm. This is good... IMG_7122.jpg So when are we going to open the presents?
IMG_7124.jpg Okay. A little more cake. IMG_7125.jpg Now I'm going to sleep.
IMG_7126.jpg Zzzz... IMG_7127.jpg You have to open your presents!!

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