Mont Tremblant Village, September 2003

IMG_7874.jpg Do I *have* to go? You all go on without me... IMG_7877.jpg Hey! It's like a long way down!
IMG_7879.jpg This is soooo great! IMG_7880.jpg Hey! The cables could break!
IMG_7884.jpg This is just like flying! IMG_7885.jpg Hey!! Those are tree TOPS!!
IMG_7917.jpg There's no way we're going back up there! We already went TWELVE times! IMG_7889.jpg Barbie was BAD!
IMG_7891.jpg Hey! They shrunk my sister! IMG_7892.jpg
IMG_7894.jpg IMG_7904.jpg This is no time to be resting.
IMG_7906.jpg IMG_7895.jpg
IMG_7896.jpg IMG_7897.jpg
IMG_7898.jpg IMG_7900.jpg Where's the food anyway?
IMG_7903.jpg She might be a shrimp. IMG_7905.jpg Who made these stairs so tall?
IMG_7907.jpg I can climb all the way up. IMG_7909.jpg Hey! Wake up!
IMG_7910.jpg Who needs a jungle jim? IMG_7911.jpg
IMG_7914.jpg Looks like she finally found her real family... IMG_7918.jpg Can we go again?
IMG_7919.jpg I'm not tired. IMG_7923.jpg Next time we're going to luge!
IMG_7929.jpg IMG_7930.jpg Hey! Get away from the window, you might break it!
IMG_7931.jpg IMG_7932.jpg We're going to fall off! I know it!

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