Shriner's Hospital, May 2003

A couple days before his birthday, Conrad pulled a cup of very hot tea off a desk and sustained 2nd and 3rd degree burns over 23% of his body. We took him to Mt Auburn hospital in Cambridge, which transferred him to Shriner's in Boston - one of the best burn centers in the world.

IMG_7087.jpg IMG_7088.jpg
IMG_7094.jpg IMG_7095.jpg
IMG_7102.jpg IMG_7106.jpg The nurses all wanted him to stay!
IMG_7108.jpg IMG_7109.jpg
IMG_7111.jpg IMG_7113.jpg
IMG_7089.jpg Callie and Papa got to play in the play area. IMG_7090.jpg That's a very large plastic tree!
IMG_7091.jpg IMG_7092.jpg

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