My name is Stassie. That's short for Ty's Anastasia Lilibit. As you can probably tell, I'm a little dog. I'm very cute and agile too. Whenever anyone meets me, they always ask my mom, her name is Chris, what kind of dog I am. And she always says, "She's a Shiba Inu." And then everyone always goes, "A huh?" And then my mom says, "A S h i b a I n u," really slowly and clearly and then says, "They're like miniature akitas." Then most people look at her like she has fleas and nod as if they have a clue what she is talking about.
I live in Cambridge, MA with mom and dad and my brother Tobey. That's short for Ty's Tobey Two Tone. He just had his nuts chopped off so he isn't feeling so good lately, otherwise he'd probably have lots to add. Everyone always thinks Tobey is a small rottweiler or german shepard but really he's just a scaredy cat. He's afraid of everything! Not like me, I'll just bite you, I'm a real foxy lady, you know.    

I was born in New Hampshire, on April 20th, 1996. My dam is Sashii but I don't remember her very well.

I can't remember my sire's name, but he was probably a good for nothing lout anyway.

   Originally mom and dad were just going to get one dog and mom wanted to get Tobey at first but dad wanted me and he's bigger. Of course, since I'm real cute and agile they got me first. I got to ride home in mom's lap. That was really scary 'cause I was real little and had never been in a car before. But I liked my new home with a big backyard, although I missed my woodpile a bit.  
   After I had been home about a month, mom and dad took me to puppy K classes and I got to terrorize all the other dogs and snarl at them! After a couple weeks of that, mom and dad decided to get another dog so I'd have someone to play with without embarassing them in public. So we all drove up to New Hampshire to find a friend for me. Dad wanted a big fuzzy puppy named Fuji but my brother Tobey was still there and mom really wanted him, so he came home with us that very day.

After that we went to puppy K together and boy, the both of us could terrorize the whole place! We never did finish puppy K, I'm not sure why exactly. Now we're going to novice dog school - mom thinks we're going to be Utility Dogs someday. I think dad's been putting funny colored things in her food. We've both been doing much better in novice school though, the other dogs are much more friendly then the ones in puppy K, so we don't have to attack them all the time.

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