Porsche 928 Stories

Our 928's

Our first 928 was a 1986 928S Automatic
It was soon replaced by a 1987 928S4 5spd

Since buying the car in June of 2000, we've done a lot of things to it:
In August I installed a Devek all aluminum radiator
I don't remember when, but I changed the stock shifter for a MOMO F-16.
I had Dave Shaeffer paint my intakes and cam covers he also painted my 'Big Blacks' blue.
In January I upgraded the stock suspension to Bilstein/Eibach coilovers. New! 06/21/01
In January of 2002 we sold the '87 to Jamie Howton..

In November we put up a big blue tent!
Over the winter I've been working on rebuilding an S4 engine however, this project is currently on hold until I get more funds..

In January 2002 we bought a Garnet Red Metallic '86.5 928S 5spd. We flew out to Seattle to pick it up and drove it back east with a stop in Belmont, CA to visit Devek. Top speed, on the loneliest highway in America was 154, calculated by engine RPM and tire size. I haven't had a chance to make up any pages for it yet though!

I did make a roofrack for this car
And I changed out the mechanical fan for an electric fan
(Both links above also under making stuff!)

In February 2002 we bought John Murray's Silver '83 928S 5spd

which I'm slowly turning into a track car.
In the process I've had to learn a lot about making stuff! Updated! 09/24/03

In May 2004, we bought two more 928's - a black '85 5spd and a blue '89 automatic.

They were located in California, so we had to drive them home, well, one of them got towed home.

Cars with other people!

Here's some pictures of three 928's at Ira Porsche New! 06/21/01
On April 1st we participated in a small gathering of 928's on the Hilltop New! 06/21/01
Since 2000, we've been to about 100 track days! Updated! 09/24/03

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