Because raw aluminum scratches very easily, I decided to anodize the parts for the Y-Axis. Most anodizing shops have fairly high minimums, so I did the anodizing myself.. It actually worked out fairly well, although the power supply I used (a car battery charger) was inadequate.

IMG_6288.jpg This was my first anodizing tank. It was a little too deep for the kind of parts I was using. IMG_6317.jpg This is my current tank - the two bottles are just there to provide volume. I needed the fishtank heater because the ambient temperature in the basement was around 45 degrees!
IMG_6318.jpg Here's a quick and dirty exhaust hood. I used fiberglass tape on the seams but after a few hours, the fumes at away at the adhesive and it fell apart. IMG_6292.jpg You can tell the difference between the anodized piece and the non-anodized piece by the matte finish.
IMG_6294.jpg IMG_6296.jpg Final product after dying and sealing.

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