After a little less than a year of faithful companionship, I decided to upgrade the RF40 to a full size mill. Unfortunately that meant moving the RF40 out.. Luckily, I have an engine hoist....

This picture doesn't really show just how cramped the entry way is - it wasn't possible for me to get the engine hoist straighter in relation to the ramp because there's a wall in the way!
I built the 4-wheel dolly out of 1x2x1/8" wall hot rolled steel tubing. So far it has held up very well.
Off the first ramp..
This part was a little tricky because I didn't have enough length to put down the second ramp and have the engine hoist on the walkway - it is mostly supported by the first ramp!
IMG_7313 IMG_7315
ARGH! The mill/drill is 1" too tall to fit out under the deck!
I used the engine hoist to transfer it to a shorter dolly and lower the ramp by one step.
Of course, since the ramp was down a step, I had to use the engine hoist to lift it over the last step.
Finally in the big red truck!

For more work on the RF40, see: Mill/Drill CNC Conversion

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